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Licensing procedures of economic activity

Investment in the free zone and approvals online management of the region where the study of the investment application and evaluation of the feasibility study attached to it and the allocation of areas of land required and the issuance of the approval of the project, but with regard to applications for licensing in the Emirate shall be apply to the Development Department in the Emirate to that effect to the citizens of the state and citizens of the Cooperation Council or joint ventures. The first in the field of application of the laws, procedures and regulations on economic activity and professional in the emirate of the Department of Economic Development, which are responsible under the objectives and tasks set up for granting licenses to any economic activity and professional in the emirate.

Licensing conditions

Citizens of the state: citizens of the state be exercised in all economic activities, professional and craft. Citizens of the Cooperation Council: is treatment of citizens of the state regarding the exercise of economic activities and professional. Citizens of other countries shall have the right to exercise activity in individual institutions and professional activities only with the condition of the appointment of a local agent of the citizens of the state. The other companies are established, provided there is a partner of the citizens of the state’s share to participate in not less than 51% of the paid-up capital. As for the business professional is permissible for two or more acts of setting up a company to engage in professional activity provided that the appointment of a local agent of the citizens of the state. Other conditions particular type of activity that require certain conditions when the establishment application including conditions of the exchange and by the decisions of Bank of the UAE on the limits of capital and by type of banking activity, and that there are conditions for the exercise of financial intermediation, including obtaining a license from the Securities Commission in the State. Other conditions on the expertise of the applicants for the license or the terms and qualifications of the managers of these activities. Conditions for the establishment of branches of foreign engineering offices: where some of the conditions set out in this area. Conditions for granting licenses to audit offices: that the applicant holds a university degree in accounting are recognized in them or provide a certificate stating that he has already recorded in the Register of Accountants and Auditors. There are some basic conditions that are considered important in the completion of the conditions for granting license to practice the profession, activity and special health conditions and preventive work-related, workers and environmental protection issues.

How is the license by the Department of Economic Development

Registered trade name of the activity by applying to the Department or by the Internet or clearance offices transactions. Be the location of the activity to conduct business and enjoy this site with the consent of Department of Inspection and Control in the constituency to see the suitability of the activity. Approvals and other stakeholders in the emirate and by type of activity. Thaoh all relevant documents and applied for a license, including insurance contracts and appoint agent, documentation and certification model documentation. Is to apply for final approval of the application for a license for the activity after the completion of the required documents, then the licensee request to facilitate the provision of services related to its activity a variety of services, including the authorization of the board advertising the activity and services, phone lines, fax, telex and Internet service and mailbox, and get work visas and residence of the competent authorities. In connection with the brand or agency is required to review and Ministry of Economy to complete the procedures concerning the registration of the mark and documentation of agency business. After completing all the procedures the applicant to pay the fees due him in this regard. To be preceded by providing Miaad affiliation Chamber of Commerce and Snahh Umm Al Quwain and in accordance with the provisions of the law.


COO Sample

Under the provisions of the International Convention, which was passed in Geneva in 1923 on the simplification of customs procedures has been to allow the appropriate institutions to manage the program of issuing certificates of origin. Including Chambers of Commerce and Industry: –

The certificate of origin is a document that identifies the origin of the exported goods, is determining the origin of goods exported basic rules for the application of tariff and other important criteria other. The burden of determining the need for a certificate of origin on the source and comply with the requirements of the importer and get it on the model of the certificate of origin according to the requirements of the buyer, and the certificate is printed form infused with the issuer or its agent, and be approved on the one hand is authorized.

In order to make sure the importing country of the validity of the information provided by the importer may be required so that the chambers of commerce to ratify the bills or other shipping documents.

The goal of the certificate of origin to prove the origin of goods to meet requirements such as customs or commercial letters of credit (L / CS) and can be used as exhibits clear certificate issued by the chamber of commerce, other authorized.

To Atsdr certificate of origin only when the actual need them and by request of the importer, the only one who knows the actual need her.

The form must be printed in the official certificate of the exporting country or Boktrmen languages ​​used, or any other language in accordance with the practices and commercial requirements.

It is not necessary to be a Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which issued the certificate of origin, is the room in which the applicant resides certificate, or registered headquarters is located, was that the company, within the circle of competence.

When making a request requires the issuance of the certificate retained by the issuer on the following documents: –

Membership status of the applicant.

Official pledges from the applicant and directed to the issuer.

The names and signatures of the authorized signatories models for the applicant.

Shipping agents empowered to act on behalf of the authorities sent the goods.

Applications for certificates and Maidamha of evidence in the case ordered from the room.

Documents or any arrangements covering:

* Documentary evidence in force that have been deposited for use during a period of time.

* Offer specific guarantees of compensation in addition to official commitments.

You must be signed in to all requests for certificates of origin and all permits submitted in connection with these applications, as well as permits to invoices or any other documents required to ratification by the authorities in charge of the original, as follows: –

The signing of the same owner in the case of the individual institution.

The signing of a partner in the case of a partner.

The signing of one of the members of the board of directors or secretary of a public company can do someone a formal or an authorized agent of assets by the institution or individual company or public company to sign such permits with the necessity of filing a book mandate fundamentalist with the signature of the person concerned with the issuer of the certificate.

You must make sure that each carry a certificate issued by an official solo sequence number.

Certificate printed in the official language of the country of origin or language more than the official languages, or any other language in accordance with the practices and commercial requirements.

And the issuance of a certificate of origin must be original and only one of each shipment, and that is to keep the application form and all supporting documents for at least two years, and that the rooms that are issued a certificate of origin for preferential retention of documents for at least three years.

Must fill in a form certificate and the inclusion of accurate information concerning the Steering sent the goods and the consignee, and the development of the country of origin of the goods, and the details of transportation and methods, and drawers observations that I found as well as the description of the goods including marks and numbers, with the inclusion of all the other information required.

To prevent add anything to the certificate, it must finish the empty spaces is used and make sure that the issuer of the certificate of that. In the case of insufficient space for use can use two or more.

Enclose a copy of the bill of export each model of certificates of origin and referred in testimony to and in accordance with the goods, according to an invoice attached a number and a date and make sure to ask for the source country to him if required the signing of the bill, in the case of the existence of this condition, it must be signed bills by an authorized official of the issuing company the issuer seal all leaves the bill as well as the ratification of the seal and install the certificate number on the invoice.

Include the certificate information relating to the quantity and net weight or weight-based or placing one, or other units of measurement, such as liters and meters or quantity, or quantitative dimensions, and you must make sure that these restrictions are consistent with supporting documents and they are all given the metric system.

The applicant must attach a statement to the health information that gives the board a certificate that is signed statement with the development of history, and make sure the issuer that all of the signatures belong to persons duly authorized and that it was recorded that the signatures have.

Must fill the field (box) relating to the fact that the applicant and the agent of the issuer (box 9) and put your name and address.

In addition, must take into account the issuer confidentiality for sensitive commercial information contained in the certificate.

Model offers a certificate of origin by the Issuer.

Highlighting a copy of the bill on the export of goods placed in the certificate may include other documents, which are necessary resource Example bill of goods.

The description of the goods must be in accordance with the labeling business, which must be identical to what is stated in the bill of export.

The issuer must provide a copy of each additional document submitted to it for ratification in order to retain them and bear the signature of the person who signed the original declaration. And include documents such as certificates of health policy or person, and a certificate of quality.

Note: in all cases you can contact us at the issuance of a certificate of origin department.

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The Chambers of Commerce Attestation  is required on the Commercial Documents. The Commercial document needs to be attested from Chambers of Commerce when the intended Members wish to export products into abroad. The Chambers of Commerce Attestation or Legalization is require on the Export documents like Commercial Invoice, Packing List, Certificate of Origin, Health Certificate etc. The Chambers of Commerce Attestation is also required on the company’s documents like Memorandum of Articles, Board Resolution, Power of Attorney etc. when the intended company is planning to open a branch in abroad.


The services it offers include the overseeing of arbitral proceedings and commercial disputes, appointing arbitrators, choosing the venue for the arbitration and fixing the fees of arbitrators and mediators.

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